About Dee's Photography & Design

Dee Maglio
I am a photographer who enjoys people.  I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and photographing them.  

I began my career with a big company as a junior accountant.  I was VERY lucky to get a great boss who let me explore fun creative things.  I loved working in graphic programs and working with the marketing team.  He let me build a little graphic department in that company and I became the go to girl for presentations and marketing materials.  I got to do a little traveling with the VP running the presentations and meeting all kinds of interesting people.  I loved my job. 

Then my company was bought out, I had a baby.  I could not follow my new company to Delaware.  I took my package and enjoyed my kids.  I found I had beautiful kids, a camera, graphic know how and the need to be creative.  I experimented on my children, all my friends and their children. I took classes.  I read a lot of stuff and I studied photographers I admired. 

Four cameras and a fun, exciting business later....  I do a little traveling, I am constantly meeting interesting people and learning their stories.  Every job is different.  I love my job!